Karl Marx

About Chapter 9 in “A Simple Guide” – On Karl Marx

We visit the history of many nations around the globe to see if they would be a good place to sell your labor at a profit. I’m using this “measuring stick” to show that an ordinary working person can make a good evaluation of which governments will most value someone’s labor. As a result of this tour, you will never forget that strong single-party governments are bad for their people and the value of their labor. Most are based on Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. As Vladamir Lenin, the foremost authority on implementing Karl Marx’s vision and 1917 Russian Revolutionary said, “[c]ommunism is socialism in a hurry.” And socialism is a process whereby representative government can be turned into tyranny.

By using the most preposterous assertions about Karl Marx’s basic tenets, liberals disguise the worst outcomes of communism as described in Marx’s Manifesto. The results are that many nations have unwittingly subjected themselves to one of the world’s most deadly forces—government killings.

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