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A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, a Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys People and Nations

Long-time St. Louis Activist Exposes the Historic Disasters of Socialism and Completely Eviscerates its Major Policies



St. Louis patriot Fred Sauer has just released an amazing new book: A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, A Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys Peoples and Nations.

This is one of the most unusual, fascinating, and thorough unwrappings of Socialism that you will ever see.

The author first provides a concise examination of the economic outcomes of the various nations who took the bitter pill of socialism in the 20th Century. Having provided this context, he then systematically exposes the major political actions and techniques that Liberals have used in the last 100 years to subvert representative government and achieve single party control of our great nation.

The conclusions are devastating. They reveal just how dangerous is the precipice upon which the United States of America finds itself at this time in our history.

The Simple Guide is well cited and contains excellent analysis for the non-technical reader. It will become a reference work on the destruction of the false promises of Socialism.

Arm yourself with this knowledge, so that, understanding the machinations of the Liberalism, we can discredit it forever and expunge it from our great nation!

As part of his work Fred N. Sauer studies in great detail news stories, analyzing their economic impact. Fred only makes one kind of argument – airtight – because mistakes have far reaching consequences in the lives of people who trust him.

A Simple Guide: is indeed simple, but it is not easy. Fred Sauer has compiled a narrative making the case that Socialist policies have been a consistent, relentless destroyer of people, wealth and nations from its bitter inception.


In A Simple Guide: Mr. Sauer does not skip the details, nor does he expect you to take his word for it. Extensive quotations allow you to pore over the same materials that lead him to the conclusions he places before you.

Fred Sauer does not insult your intelligence in A Simple Guide: but rather offers you the thorough, crushing evidence of modern liberalism’s shocking, shameless devastation and enslavement.

With A Simple Guide: the reader is armed with the facts, well documented and undiluted. Each chapter is loaded with the rock-solid knowledge you need to repel the claims of the Left and prove to the fair-minded that the promises of liberalism are lies and cannot be fulfilled.

A Simple Guide: is accessible, but merits close study and is worth reading and re-reading. Fred’s analysis helps you make the connections. At the end you will be armed with the intellectual tools to destroy liberalism on the battleground of ideas.

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