Health Care and Obama

About Chapter 15 in “A Simple Guide” – Health Care and Obama

Using 2008 data, we find the following funding sources for every American’s health care:

Approximate total health care expenditures: $2,456 billion

Funded by Medicare: $462 billion

Funded by Medicaid/SCHIPS: $209 billion

Subtotal federal funding: $671 billion

Funded by state Medicaid/SCHIPS: $143 billion

Total federal and state funding: $814 billion

All other funding by private sources, etc: $1,643 billion

So, if the government is providing $814 billion of the total health care of $2.456 trillion, to provide “all” health care, it needs to raise federal taxes by $1.643 trillion to replace all private funding. Since all federal government expenditures for 2008 were $2.660 trillion, the additional $1.643 trillion in health care costs would require the federal tax burden to increase by 61%. This is not going to happen, so rationing of health care is going to take place. People who have paid Medicare payroll taxes for over 45 years are going to be denied health care at the point in their lives that they most need it. Both Great Britain and Canada ration health care under their universal health care systems.

When you deeply analyze recent census data, there are only 6-8 million American that are chronically uninsured, not 45.7 million claimed by liberal politicians. To provide an insurance policy with coverage costing $5,000/year would require only $40 billion and increase federal taxes by only 1.5%.

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