15 Jul 2010

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A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, A Euphemism For Socialism, Destroys Peoples and Nations

Is Liberalism really that bad? Isn’t Liberalism based on the idea that we should lend a helping hand to the oppressed and poor? Or, does Liberalism slowly take the individual’s freedoms away through a steady increase in government interference in our lives and our pocketbooks?

St. Louis resident, Navy veteran and small business owner Fred Sauer examines and challenges Liberalism and its impact on the economic and political freedoms of the people of the United States and other nations around the world in “A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, A Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys Peoples and Nations.” Fred Sauer tackles liberalism’s answers to many of the most pressing issues of our time from education, social security, health care, voter fraud, tax policy issues and energy.

Fred Sauer uses hard facts and real figures to show the affect that Liberals desire for single party government has on the very freedoms which are innate in man. Through his review of history and hard economic data, he shows the reader the pitfalls of liberalism’s short-term promises which result in long-term pain.

Among the various questions Fred Sauer addresses are:

  1. Who really benefits from government-run and controlled entitlement programs?
  2. Why do liberal politicians propose new entitlement programs?
  3. Has liberalism ever succeeded in establishing a prosperous and free society?
  4. Who benefits from lower taxes, less government regulation and more freedom?
  5. What is the danger of a large, unrestrained bureaucratic government with vast regulatory authority?
  6. Are the world’s oil and gas supplies really running out?

This book will give the reader the tools they need to respond to liberalism’s attacks on the free market and democratic institutions and governments. Armed with facts and logic, you will have the tools necessary to confront liberalism wherever you see it.

In addition to the “Simple Guide,” Fred Sauer will expound on the book in his blog by analyzing the news of the day in a clear and readable manner while using cites for the sources that are the basis for his opinions and analysis. We hope you enjoy this website and blog and all it has to offer.

19 Responses to "About The Book & The Blog"


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    I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

    – Kris

  3. David Baker says:

    The never-ending struggles between the haves and the have nots invariably engenders doctrine which advantages the ‘victims’ by employing government authority, policies, laws and, eventually, punishments against transgressors. Anything that grows government beyond Constitutional parameters endangers our liberty and our economic stability. The purpose of so-called “Liberalism” is to grow government; to empower burgeoning bureaucracies with a self-appointed mandate to level social and economic playing fields. Every citizen of every nation that adopted the liberal concept soon discovered that, instead of “Equality”, “Egalitarianism”, and government beneficence, they sensed the growing threat of tyranny, oppression, denial of fundamental rights, and suppression of any authority that is not rooted in centralized government, including religious authority. To liberals, government IS God. They seek to wrap society in a quasi-spiritual, confining labryinth of protocols, speech restrictions, hiring requirements, wage/rent/price controls, and other manifestations of totalitarian authority. By the time the rank and file citizen catches on to these agendas, they are already frightened by the spectre of being derided by proponents, or worse, being ‘revamped’ in jails designed to hold dissidents. One would think people should have some grasp of liberal/socialist history, and how each time it was tried the system collapsed under the weight of it’s all-encompassing, ponderous policies. The way things are going in America, it looks like they’re destined to learn about such things.

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  7. Mike says:

    You need a CAPTCHA so robots don’t spam your site.

    Also, in 1993 a bunch of Republicans co-sponsored a Health Care bill that had an individual mandate and offered subsidies for poor people to buy insurance. Can you help me understand how the socialistic job-killing individual mandate of the Democrats’ health care bill is different from the reasonable, cost-cutting individual mandate of the Republicans?


  8. Ben Alcobra says:

    “Has liberalism ever succeeded in establishing a prosperous and free society?”
    Yes. Twice. FDR reversed the depression and successfully defended the freedom of our society against the Germans and Japanese. During the presidency of Bill Clinton. At the end of his second term, we had a budget surplus and a thriving economy. “Did conservatism destroy that propsperous and free society?” Yes. Twice. Eisenhower drove the country into recession after the successes of the FDR economy. George W. Bush drove the country into recession and record-breaking deficits after the successes of the Clinton administration. A Simple Guide: How Conservatism, A Euphemism For Fascism, Destroys Peoples and Nations.

  9. David Baker says:

    Ben, liberalism et al has never benefitted society. The very concept of liberalism is to enslave people to the central government, and to oppress dissidents. No matter what pretext is implied by these supposed guardians of equality, they wind up bankrupting nations with profligate spending, litigation, social strife, union featherbedding and rampant favoritism/nepotism in government, the media and the military. Your ‘hero’ merely conditioned a destitute nation of failed speculators (another liberal scam, the Stock Market Ponzi Scheme…)to throw their Constitution away in the hope that a Nanny State of bureaucrats would protect them from starvation. Actually, the Depression was ending prior to WWII, but FDR had his ‘Marching Orders’ to involve the U.S. in that conflict, so we were subjected to the worst kind of perfidy: 9/11………..ooops, Pearl Harbor.

  10. Lesley says:

    Really, Ben. Your partisan-ship is so obvious. I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  11. John Galloway says:

    I am a union man from Local 1 St Louis and you are all full of shit…racist republicans

  12. John Galloway says:

    this guy is a real idoit…he has forgot about the two Bush wars and the tax cuts for the rich that have cost us $5.8 trillion dollars…republicans have completely forgot all this debt

  13. John Galloway says:

    I would not book this book if it were one penny….we will warn everyone of the lies of this book…Rupert and Newsmax and Fox paid for his costs and old Rove helped write it this one fucked up web site

  14. Bandit16 says:

    Ahaha… Is it wrong that I find this entire site amusing?

    Nope, it certainly isn’t: I’m simply reasonable. I just feel bad for people that end up here that don’t know any better.


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  17. demz taters says:

    Liberalism is the reason that we no longer live like Americans did in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If you don’t know what life was like in American during that time, you should be ashamed of your ignorance and go educate yourself. Then go thank a liberal that you could read.


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  19. Sam says:

    Just a typical case of a Conservave trying to defend their actions.

    lesley, YOUR partisanship is also obvious!


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