25 Aug 2011

Latest Blog on Liberalisms Favorite Protectorate-Goldman Sachs

My latest blog, Why Goldman Sachs (and Warren Buffett) Always Win, is available on FredSauerMatrix.  To read it click here.

In my latest article, I take a thorough and detailed look at the cozy relationship between Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs.  For years, liberal elites have protected the interests of Goldman Sachs.  But the true extent of this protection was only revealed during the 2008 financial meltdown when the Federal Reserve loaned Goldman Sachs over $600 billion to keep it afloat.  Without this loan, Goldman Sachs would have joined Lehman Brothers in the dustbin of failed financial firms on Wall Street.  But, one person in particular, Warren Buffett, made out like a bandit as a result of the Federal Reserve’s rescue of Goldman Sachs.  Find out how the Federal Reserve saved America’s “most brillant investor” from losing over $5 billion on his Goldman Sachs investment.

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